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Picking Fruit

Cherry Picking

Every spring we offer an opportunity for families, friends, and loved ones to gather at our farm and enjoy picking fresh cherries from our cherry orchard to take home.


At our u-pick, we provide a fun outdoor experience for the whole family. We have buckets for picking into, or you are welcome to bring your own basket. After you have enjoyed your time wandering our beautiful 70-acre cherry orchard, taking photos, picking the best cherries, and sampling the fruit, we will weigh your cherries and check you out! 

It's that easy, and so much fun!

In the Forest

Comfortable Shoes

Wear comfortable shoes when you come to pick at the orchard. You will be walking on uneven surfaces with grasses, sticks, rocks and more. Comfortable shoes that protect your feet are key to a great cherry picking experience!

Image by Amaan Ali


It can get quite hot in the orchard. Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated.



It's not everyday you get to be in such a beautiful and unique setting as the orchard! Bring a camera and take some photos so you have lasting memories long after your cherries have been eaten. 

Image by Annie Spratt


We love when you bring your own basket to pick into! We will always take off for the weight of your basket when checking out, so you only pay for your cherries. If you are using our buckets to pick into, we ask that you bring your own reusable bag for checking out to save plastic! 

Image by Michele DeYoung


At Nunn Better Farms (our Sellers Ave location) we do not provide ladders for picking as most of the fruit is plenty low enough and they are not needed. However, you are welcome to bring your own ladder to the farm if you would like!


At Nunn Better Farms 2, our Balfour location, the trees are taller and we do offer ladders for picking.

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